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If you’re a fan of Star Ship Troopers or Aliens 2 this series is a love child of both and pushes the action sci-fi to the redline. The story’s main character is a boy named Yugi. A young man diagnosed with a terminal disease Yugi is frozen only to awake in an earth turned upside down and infested with huge man-killing bugs. Set in an apocalyptic world devoid of any hope or compassion Blue Gender has a lush variety of characters that are taken to the edge and throws off. Fans of big robots, loud guns and constant thrills will love this series and watch it till the end.

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This film produced by the famous Ghibli Studios studios (know for their realistic and epic work in anime) and winner of an Oscar. Spirited Away is a film that appeals to people of all ages. It accomplishes a major goal by being able to win over almost any film audience whether they are a hardcore anime fan or a casual viewer. The film quickly draws you into the magical world of witches, dragon and talking frogs. And I found myself on bated breath wondering if Chiharo would ever save her family from an eternity as pigs. Now, I am a guns and ammo kind of guy but this films is excellent and a great family film.


Gantz gives an interesting twist on the theories of life after death. Instead of leaving the mortal world and singing with the angels or roasting in brimstone the dead must compete in a twisted life or death competition facing aliens, monsters and each other. Those who survive can live another day to play in the game again.

I really enjoyed this series because it places individuals with different personalities in a world of extreme conditions. Hard choices are made and people will die, I must admit I almost cried halfway through the series. It’s not for kids due to graphic language and nudity so make sure you keep this one on the high shelf in your living room.

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