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A Review of Will Smith’s Movie Seven Pounds

A review of the movie Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith: It was late on a Saturday evening when I decided to catch Will Smith’s latest movie “Seven Pounds”. I was reluctant to watch this movie, as the previews made me envision a sequel or prequel to “The Pursuit of Happiness”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This movie while showing Will Smith in a serious role was not like “The Pursuit of Happiness”.
The movie starts out with flashback scenes that are difficult to determine what is present, and what is past. At one point early on in the movie, my guest and I turned to each other unsure of what was happening. As the story progresses, the flashbacks become more vivid, and revealing. About mid-way through the movie the plot becomes apparent. I’ll hold off releasing any spoiler information until the end. I thoroughly enjoyed Will Smith’s acting in this movie. He plays the serious, determined, and focused individual perfectly.

Will Smith’s character is obviously the center focal point of the story. There are two, possibly three other characters that influence the movie, but their roles are minor at best. Will Smith is able to adapt to the various scenes, and play the serious emotions that are weaved into the story. During the movie the viewer is presented with information on Will’s character. Smith utilizes these moments to convey the message and meaning of the scene.

The movie presents a dark and saddening reflection of how one man is determined to make up for the wrong he has done. There is very little humor present, with deep thoughtful scenes invoking sorrow and mourning. The movie does not attempt to sugar coat Smith’s intentions. His plan has been laid out, and he follows through with each portion.


Ultimately the movie is based on a man’s mission to repent for the tragedy that he has caused. As the movie unravels, the viewer becomes aware that Smith’s mission is to take everything that he has and give it away, even his own life. Mournful of the accident that he caused in which his fiancĂ©, as well as a van full of people crash, killing all but Smith, he embarks on a mission to give away everything he has. He utilizes the credentials of his brother, an IRS auditor to covertly gain insight into people that are possible candidates for his organs. Sneaking into the IRS computer system he locates less fortunate people that he can help. This scene seems less realistic. While I understand the exact details are of little importance, his ability to access the systems without difficulty seems inaccurate (even for the IRS!).

His goal is to help the lives of others. His recipients include a blind man (played by Woody Harrelson), his brother (in need of a lung transplant), a social worker, a battered woman, a child in need of bone marrow, and ultimately a young lady that is in need of a heart. The final organ, his heart, requires Smith to make the choice of his life or hers.

In my opinion this movie is longer than it needs to be. The initial flashback scenes only confuse the viewer. There is no desire to want to understand the history, but the film attempts to answer that question. In speaking with others that have seen this movie, we are all in agreement that the movie could have easily been cut down to provide a more direct representation of Smith’s goal.

The acting in the movie is accurate and believable. All during the movie, you can understand the actors/actresses, and can relate to their expressions. Harrelson’s character remains constant throughout the movie, as a concerned, productive member of society. Even when pushed to the limits by Smith, Harrelson’s character remains calm, and in control.

I am a fan of Will Smith, I enjoy his acting. But, unfortunately this movie does not live up to my expectations. I have to give this movie a “C-” grade.

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