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Ultimate free tv shows streaming sites

Watching TV Shows and movies has become one of the most common leisure activities for people of all generations. Be it, children, teens or adults, everyone loves watching TV shows and movies to lay their minds off work and pass their free time. Although many good platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. have come up for streaming online, all of these have a yearly or monthly prepaid plan.

Many people don’t feel like paying a lot to watch their favorite shows and thus go for sites that provide free online streaming. However, finding sites that give online free streaming is a challenging and tricky task.

One day you are watching a season of a TV show, next day, you won’t be able to find the next season; or sometimes, even the entire site just disappears. This hampers the online streaming experience and can stop you in the middle of an interesting show. Because of this unreliability, people have to constantly keep looking for new sites.

There are many sites available on the net but there are many problems with these sites. Some of them do have all the content but it is of poor quality. Some of the other sites have content with major gaps. There are a few sites that have extremely slow streaming, which again, frustrates the users.

Major players that provide free online streaming

Even though 123Movies is no more operative, many other sites in the same domain do still exist. 123Movies have changed their name to GoMovies and the latest domain name for the site is

The reason why 123Movies was hunted and shut down was because it was illegal. Watching movies of such sites that provide free online streaming can be dangerous and the user can get sued. Still, people like watching TV shows and do risk finding the sites. Some of the ultimate free TV shows streaming sites are –

  1. Europixhd
  2. PrimeWire
  3. 5movies
  4. Moviesjoy
  5. Fmovies
  6. Movieninja
  7. Vumoo

When free online streaming comes into the picture, the name 123Movies pops out at the top. 123Movies was the most popular free online movie streaming website in the world. It covered a wide array of movies and TV shows which made it popular amongst all generations. However, the original 123Movies site does not exist anymore.

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