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12 Free sites to watch TV Shows online

The Internet has completely taken over the world. When we started getting news notification on the net, the use of newspapers declined. Similarly, in the last few years, with the advent of online streaming on the internet, the use of cable TV is declining drastically. People enjoy watching TV shows and movies in places where they are comfortable and don’t want to go for the tedious process of getting a cable television installed and paying for channels that they won’t even watch. They are a number of websites that offer free online streaming. However, not all of them are safe and most of them are illegal.

12 Free sites to watch TV Shows and Movies

These sites that provide free online streaming are illegal because they offer pirated content and tracking services can sue you for using the sites. Some of these sites are malicious and there are a lot of commercials, advertisements, and popups that keep arising during the streaming process.
This is very frustrating for the viewers and thus, finding the best sites on which they can stream for free is very important. It is extremely necessary to find sites that present danger to your system and data privacy. Sensitive data can be stolen from your computer if you are not careful about the sites on which you are streaming.
It is advisable to learn about cybersecurity and use NordVPNCyberSec because it makes your system completely secure. It makes the browsing experience ad-free and blocks all suspiciously malicious sites. This article tells us about 12 sites that offer free online streaming and are also comparatively safe.


Putlocker is one of the best platforms to get free streaming of TV shows.


No signing up is required by Fmovies for online streaming. It has a wide variety of TV shows and movies and there is an enriched quality of video streaming.


This is an amazing platform for the free streaming of many shows and movies. The videos are of high definition quality and the streaming is smooth.


No signing up is required by Tubi for online streaming. It has a wide variety of
TV shows and movies and there is an enriched quality of video streaming.


This is a free streaming site that allows you to watch TV shows and movies of all genres legally.

Internet Archive

This free streaming site offers a huge collection of vintage TV shows, videos, and documentaries that had been recorded previously.


This free streaming site offers classic TV shows and classic movies and apt if you are interested in this genre.


This site is actually a suggestion and guiding site with information and links for sites on which free streaming can take place. It is a host which takes you to a third-party site for free online streaming. The best part is, even though it is a host, there is no fee for using the site.


Although not all content available on this site is free, the ones that are free are good and of exceptional quality. Almost all the TV shows with supernatural content are free to watch. No subscription or sign up is required to stream on this site.

CW Seed

This site is absolutely legal and one can stream original Web series and DC animated series on this site for free.

Pluto TV

It works like a normal TV where a person can flip through the channels that are available and select the one that they want to watch. The loading process on Pluto TV is very fast.


Snagfilms is another free streaming site for TV shows from all genres, be it kids or Drama or Family or World History or Wildlife.

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